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With so many things to consider when planning a wedding it is not surprising that couples turn to forward thinking wedding professionals in an attempt bring something different to their big day. When it comes to providing the ultimate and most unique wedding entertainment packages, the visionary team at Six15 can come no more highly recommended.

At six15 we specialise in a unique evening entertainment concept called the six15 Wedding Afterparty. A Six15 Wedding Afterparty uses our own exclusively managed DJ’s and live artist talent (sax, percussion, electric violin, vocals, trumpet) to bring you the ultimate club/ party experience. Playing only the very best credible music throughout a range of era’s our talent combined with our jaw-dropping production is a recipe for only the very best wedding parties.

Our couples range from private individuals, entrepreneurs and high profile clients. They all have a passion to create the ultimate evening reception party and choose to do so using a professional team that fuses breathtaking design, completely out of the box creativity in terms of content and performance and meticulous planning. This is the six15 effect.