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Within the last 6 months Six15 have been playing a major part in the HedKandi live artist bookings.



We’ve have the pleasure of flying out DaxOnSax, MSax, Richie Sax, Saira Sax and TomDaLips to some exotic locations for some of the biggest HedKandi parties. Destinations including Barcelona, Hong Kong, Dubai, Dublin and Slovakia have been the destination of some of our artists in 2015 to date. Moving into the second half of the year, this summer has to be the biggest yet. We have been granted 4 Ibiza dates! – six15 artists TomDaLips and Richie Sax will be flying out to the Balearic island in Ibiza at Es Paradis for HedKandi’s summer showcase Tropical Nights. July’s diary is already jam packed with Hed Kandi dates:

Kami C

22nd July Tunisia


M Sax

11th July Azerbaijan
18th July Russia


Richie Sax

22nd July Tunisia
29th July Jordan


Saira Sax

31st July Mauritius


Tom Da Lips

11th July Belfast, Northern Ireland
18th July Ibiza, Spain
28th July Nice, France